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Construction of Yunnan Haolong WHR project contracted by NKK started grandly


        May 10, 2017 at 10:18 AM Yunnan Haolong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. cement WHR project contracted by NKK officially started construction. Leaders of Yunnan Haolong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. including vice general (and director of cement plant) Yang Zhiwei, vice president Chen Fangfu, assistant general manager Ma Zhongl, cement factory leaders including deputy factory director Suo Zhenggang, vice directer Cao Sheng and NKK’s Project Management minister Tang Tian, project manager Bai Anshun and project manager of the participated construction unit attended the project commencement together.

This project is the second project that NKK cooperates with Yunnan Haolong Industrial Group Co., Ltd., one of the top 50 private-owned enterprises in Yunnan Province. The project is located in Ciyuan Industrial Park, Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province. It utilizes waste heat resources from the existing 2000t/d new type dry method cement clinker production line and builds a pure low temperature waste heat power station with the installed capacity of 4.5MW using improved technology; In the pre-development process of the project, NKK relied on its own brand advantages and the performance advantages of more than 200 projects at home and abroad, and obtained full recognition by the development party and successfully signed the EPC contract in March 2017.

Since entering the site, all the construction staff of Site Project department quickly fufilled their role with a high sense of mission and responsibility, instead of passive waiting and depending, they took the initiative to carefully prepare for the preparatory work before the start, and actively communicated and coordinated with the owners and local relevant units, making progress in various works of the project quickly, which won unanimous praises from the owners. The successful joint work with Yunnan Haolong Group has laid a solid foundation for the future long-term cooperation.


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