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The WHR project in Hebei Gaocheng contracted by NKK passed the completion acceptance


        The new added WHR EPC project of the Carbon Furnace of State Grid Hebei Energy Conservation Services Company contracted by NKK passed the performance assessment on January 23, 2017. The current average boiler steam flow is 8t/h, exceeding the design and contractual guaranteed indicator of an average of 7.5t/h, the same year on April 12 the overall completion acceptance was passed.

         The construction scale of this WHR project is a medium temperature and medium pressure heat recovery boiler. Influenced by the G20 summit and environmental inspection and many other factors, plus the construction site was extremely small, overweight machinery could not be close to the work, which added difficulty and requirements to the construction schedule and quality. Project management team overcame many difficulties in winter construction, carefully organized and scientifically arranged to ensure completion before the deadline and catch up with the progress under the premise of guaranteeing safety and quality. With the joint efforts of all the project management department staff and subcontractors, with the full support of the owners, the project was successfully completed the boiler was brought onto the line, which won high praise from the owners.

                                                                      main steam

                                                     waste heat boiler

                                          Induced draft fan outlet duct


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