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Enterprise culture:

NKK's corporate culture aims to create core values and a sense of mission that all employees heartily agree on to create a hard-working mental atmosphere so as to ensure that the performance of the enterprise continues to improve and actively promote the company's organizational change and rapid development.

We have come together for a common philosophy, thus forming NKK, a large family. The common philosophy is the fundamental driving force for the sustainable development of NKK, it's also the source of family cohesion. The common philosophy is the starting point and the basic norm of our activities, behaviors and handling of all affairs.

Enterprise's goal:

Create brilliance in China's energy conservation and environmental protection

Create an internationally renowned engineering company

Enterprise philosophy:

Customer is always our partner

Talent is the wealth of enterprise

Honesty is our constant commitment

Innovation is the eternal melody

Enterprise spirit:

Forge ahead and be diligent, agile and modest to learn

Unite and strive and be sincerely dedicated

Enterprise style:

Seek the truth, be pragmatic and strive for excellence


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